Generation Awesome is a collective of creative lunatics that reside in the self absorbed heart of tinsel town.  We are dedicated to the creation of Film, Television, and Web productions that push the limits of what people will pay us to do.  We were raised by this town.  It was the mothers milk that we suckled from our electric boob tubes and now we have all grown up and we are ready for our turn at bat.  We are many.  Our numbers grow each day an our influence will soon be undeniable.   We have established oursleves firmly in the busom of the internet and now we are poised to strike at the television, advertising, and our utlimate goal Motion Picture Valhala, THE CINEPLEX.

Be apart of the generation.  Help bring the awesome  to the next level.

Write your congressman.

Call your cable opperator.

Tell them “I WANT MY  AWESOME!!

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