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We have been hard at work putting together our pilot television show called “Generation Awesome’s Television Promotional Product Show!” The show is being pushed around town by our squad of badass proffesional manager types and we hope to have good news soon! Keep an eye here for more.

And don’t forget to check out our new short “The Mugger IV” starring genawe favorite Patrick Gallagher!!

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New short film is destorying the internet, Watch before it all crumbles!!!

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Generation Awesome presents a new badass short film from the mind of G.B.Young, the DIRECTOR who saw AVATAR!

Starring Noah Applebaum (Internet Crap) and Patrick Gallagher (Entourage, Glee, True Blood)

“SO INTENSE” – Double Rainbow guy


“YOU MADE THAT!” – James Allen Smith, director of FLOORED and MY NAME IS SMITH

If you see one stupid web short this year, your internet is too slow!!

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Fantasy Football time again. GenAwe Presents a Drafting PSA.

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It’s fantasy football time again and Generation Awesome would like to remind you to Draft Responsibly and remember, friends don’t let friends Draft Drunk. PSA from

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In these troubling times it’s good to know who’s on your side!

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Generation Awesome Gives it up for the funny!

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Bed Intruder Song!! We cannot stop watching this freaking brilliant video from the makers of the EPIC “Double Rainbow Autotune”. The Gregory Brothers are kicking ass. Big props boys! If you haven’t seen it bump this and you will never be the same!! I bought this shit off itunes.. I NEVER DO THAT!!

Big things works. STAY TUNED!!!!

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Generation Awesome on ESPN

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Noah Applebaum: The Commish

Noah isn’t a fantasy football commissioner in real life, but he does play one on television. Don’t forget to sign up at

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Sneak peak at some of the new stuff. Honesty.

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Here’s a little outtake from the “Generation Awesome Television Promotional Product Show” that we have been hard at work slapping together.  We will keep you updated on the progress, but in the mean time here’s an outtake to keep you warm.  Honesty is always the best idea in a relationship.

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Host of new vids on the way! Meanwhile we give you MEL GIBSON!

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The other side of the Mel Gibson Rant.  Noah gets drunk dialed by Mel, Again.  Mel seriously, lose our numbers!  It’s getting pathetic!  Road Warrior is still the bomb though, just sayin.

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Boom!  We’ve recently eclipsed the 5 million hit mark!  That’s pretty bad ass.  Who would’ve guessed a rude bartender would be so popular?

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Shameless Plug for a friend! is Awesome!

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Go check out our friend LISA’s new website where she writes letters to celebrities. often with hilarious resluts.  It’s some funny stuff and we here at Generation Awesome are proud to give this site our official OKEY DOKEY!!  Keep up the letters Lisa!  WE love you!!  Now go check her out and tell her the awesome sent you!!!

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