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All we can say about this is, suck it. Suck it long. And suck it hard!

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Shit People Say Before they get shot in the face. Generation Awesome Memes in their pants.

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The Sun Always Shines in Santa monica gets the HD facelift.

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If you haven’t seen our little short, The sun always shines on santa monica, do yourself a favor. Anyone who has ever spent any time in Santa Monica can attest to the brutality of this experience and the dark desires it stirs inside us all. Special thanks to Cris Borgnine for his wonderful camera work and letting me expose his child to the wonders of the middle finger.

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The next month is going to be BIG!

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“UPDATE” Ok maybe not the next month. The secret is taking longer to cook than expected, but it’s we are very close to the big announcement!! Stay tuned!!”

The bartender hates you series 3 is almost ready to launch and we are also prepping something mind boggling to launch at the same time. Lips are sealed here, but I can tell you it will revolutionize the way you think about comedy sketchs about bartenders from groups of half asses who live in los angeles and go under the name generation awesome. Ground breaking in that very specific niche market.

Meanwhile make sure and check out our latest collaboration with the guys over at Machinima!

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Noah Applebaum blows up the new METHOD spot!

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This is how we dooz it! Our man Noah comes correct in a new ad campgian for METHOD is blowing up the internets!! Peep the love and pass it the hell on!

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Bartender Season three is on the way!!

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We are proud to announce the new season of everyone’s favorite bartender is in the can!! We have been hard at work on this season and a NEW TOP SECRET bartender product that will revolutionize the comedy game! Keep an eye peeled for info on the launch of the series and our TOP SECRET product!!!

Big things are brewing! You think you know, but you have no idea!!

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Coming down from the Sheen! New music video follow up.

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The day after we came down from that SHEEN party in our last video, Generation Awesome finds themselves huddled in the shower trying to wash the shame off. Coming down can be a bitch. As the world wakes up from the sheen party and feels a little guilty about how crazy they got, Generation Awesome sends out this call to normalcy. Can another train wreck get us back on track please?!!!

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GenAwe gets HIGH ON THE SHEEN and drops their first music video!!

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We have been hard at work in the kitchen coming up with something wonderful for you kiddies. This is 100% pure tigerblood, folks! Look at the way it shines! Winning. We have been joined by the hilarious Trish Geiger, Katie L. Hall, and always sexy Sergia Louise Anderson (as the SHEENIX)! Pass this video around! We want to blow up the SHEEN FEST 2011! Thanks to everyone involved for pulling this together so fast!

High On the Sheen - Single - Generation Awesome

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Gratuitous plug for a friend of the family! FRET DADDY!!!

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IF you want to JAM like the awesome kids, then you need to hop on over and grab yourself a set of the delicious new FRET DADDY products. Frett Daddy is a great new guitar learning tool developed by brother of GB Young and Generation Awesome collaborator, Wesley Young. Fret Daddy is a set of removable sticker sheets that map out the notes of your favorite scales and make it easier to learn. They also have a sweet note map as well. Got to hang with him at NAMM this year and check out the product. Really cool stuff. Tell em the awesome sent you and they will throw in a free pick! Well they throw those in anyway, but tell em we sent you anyways!!

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CREEPY KITTAH is watching you! GenAwe remixes a meme.

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